Are you

  • Seeking guidance/direction in life? (age irrelevant)
  • Feeling stuck and need support to move forward?
  • Asking deeper questions about life purpose and meaning, wondering who you are and where you are going?
  • In need of inspiration and motivation?

With a foundation of 25 years supporting people to make life changing decisions I now combine my experience in the field of traditional careers guidance with an alternative approach.

Individual Career/Life Coaching Appointments

Together we will will spend time exploring where you are in life NOW. We will pin down your needs and establish clarity and direction from a practical, careers guidance perspective – if this is what you require. I will draw up your Soul Plan, an invaluable tool, that will guide our work together. Your unique Plan will illuminate your life goals, talents and highlight potential challenges and help us locate any blockages or resistance that may be preventing you from moving forward and living life to the full (confidence, stress, repetitive subconscious behavior patterns for example ). We can then consider how you can go about shifting any barriers to you becoming your BEST self – sorry a cliche I know but it really is true – by using a range of tools and techniques that I have gathered over the years and can share with you.

Gaining an insight into how you are as well as who you are will affect the career decisions and choices you make because a confident decision, made from a place of self knowledge, is more likely to bring success.

I ask clients to commit to at least 3 face to face (or SKYPE) meetings. We will work in partnership as we get to know each other. Following each meeting you will receive notes summarising our session and outline of agreed tasks, research and reflection which provides focus and momentum before the next meeting and I am happy to connect with you in between meetings if you have questions, need support.

3 appointments (the first 1 1/2 hours and 2 x 1 hour follow up sessions) cost 100.00 (paid in 3 instalments of 40.00, 40.00 and 20)

Appointments available at York Natural Health in Acomb, The Good Health Clinic in Selby.