Soul Plan & Soul Transformation Therapy

Jude trained as a Soul Plan practitioner after having her own Plan read and being amazed at the insights it brought to her life. She now uses the Plan as a tool to inform her work with those who have an interest in a truly holistic approach. Based on Egyptian numerology the Plan illuminates individual talents and gifts and identifies possible challenges and life purpose. There are no religious belief systems attached to the system. It is simply an amazing tool to help us explore the depths of who we are.

What is the purpose of a Soul Plan Reading

A Soul Plan Reading can give us an insight into our life path; shining a light on our talents, highlighting our potential challenges and pointing towards our goals and purpose. It can help us to take a wise overview of our difficulties and move through them – we can then help others to do the same. Our Soul Plan potential will be affected by many factors – depending on where we are in life; when we (if we) ‘awoke’, how long we have been working on ourselves (have connected with/gained an insight into and worked without Shadow side), our age and our personal history (the circumstances of our childhood/early years/environments etc).

Personally, the most important outcome of my Soul Plan Reading was; firstly to recognize that my life has a purpose…..a subtle purpose, and one that differed from my worldly expectations, and secondly, to accept that my challenges could actually be my greatest strengths. The Soul Plan shows us that our lives have a purpose and that there is nothing wrong with how or who we are (or indeed who others are – although this can, at times, be difficult to believe sometimes). Once we understand that our experiences were ‘always’ going to be our experiences we can then give a nod and a smile  at the realization. We recognize that today is always a new day and that whoever we are, wherever we are, we are always able to step onto our path, if we are willing.

Your Name Reveals All

Based on ancient Gematria (numerology)the sound vibration and intent of our full birth name plays a major role in both voicing and echoing back the circmstances that inform the personal experience of our lives.

Our birth name signifies our appearance as a separate identity. This intent and sound vibration along with the accompanying cultural, geographical, biological, and astrological conditions initiates the process of individualization. This is usually a gradual process, because as babies we had no sense of separate identity. As far as ‘we’ are concerned there was no sense of separation from our environment and carers, that came later.

The name you currently use, which in many cases will be different from your original ‘given’ name, must be looked at separately. It is the original name and letters that give most people the most accurate Soul Plan reading, as your full, recorded birth name always has a primary influence.

Seeing Who You Are….Being Who You Are

  • See clearly your greatest challenges and how these can be overcome
  • Uncover your greatest strengths and align with your higher Soul Purpose
  • Understand the past and reveal you best future potential
  • Receive an energetic activation and practical tools to heal and align your purpose
  • Receive an interpretation and understanding of the vibration of your birth name