Soul Plan & Soul Transformation Therapy

Based on Egyptian numerology a Soul Plan session will give you an insight into your life path by shining a light on your talents, highlighting your potential challenges and pointing you towards your goals and purpose at both a Worldly and Spiritual level.  Gaining an insight into your Plan can help you to shift your perspective on life’s challenges and recognise how you can move through them – you will then be able to help others to do the same.
Personally, the most important outcome of my Soul Plan Reading was;

Firstly to recognize that my life has a purpose…..a subtle purpose and one that differed from my, previous, worldly expectations

Secondly, to accept my challenges and acknowledge the shadow aspects of my personality – I suddenly realised that these very aspects required recognition and could, when brought into awareness be my greatest strengths.  For the first time I recognised that there was nothing wrong with me or how I am and began to simply notice those parts of me that I had labelled and judged so critically for much of my life.

So the Soul Plan shows us that our lives have a purpose and that there is nothing wrong with how or who we are (or indeed who others are – although this can, at times, be difficult to believe sometimes)J. Once we understand that our experiences were ‘always’ going to be our experiences we can then give a nod and a smile at the realization. We recognize that today is always a new day and that whoever we are, wherever we are, we are always able to step onto our path, if we are willing.

Soul Transformation Therapy…

…is a new and complete therapy system. Already popular with coaches, doctors and therapists in Japan it is now being introduced to the UK.  CTT (Core Transformation Therapy) is for those of you who are open to synchronicity playing a part in our work together.  Many issues that present in our lives are deeper than our conscious level, they can be subconscious or even soul level issues – this is the core of the matter and as such often hidden from our awareness.

Soul Transformation Therapy discovers the core issue that is occurring (in the moment) and provides a range of healing interventions that work to heal at a spiritual, emotional body memory or even ancestral level and make major shifts.  A twenty-two card deck specific to Soul Transformation Therapy is used. At the beginning of the session, you pick two cards. Each card provides an image and a few words. Through the principle of free association, these images and words help us gain further insight and determine your deeper current ‘core issue’ – this is the root cause of whatever challenge or block to potential you currently face. The picked cards also show us where your blockage might be and which healing intervention may be the most beneficial for us to use to shift the energy.

With Soul Transformation Therapy there is no need to arrive with a specific ‘issue’ to work on because we are guided by the cards and the system as to how we work together.