It has always been known that Laughter really IS the best medicine – and hopefully you find plenty of time for laughter.  However it is a fact that often, in our lives, we do not find time to stop and laugh heartily and deeply.   The medical professions are, increasingly, becoming interested in the use of therapeutic laughter and ongoing research confirms, time after time, that the benefits of laughter are ENORMOUS.

I trained as a Laughter Yoga Leader which taught me to deliver laughter as ‘exercise’.  The only link between traditional laughter and laughter yoga is that when we laugh deeply we breathe in the same, beneficial, way as we would if practising yoga.  You don’t need a sense of humour to laugh because our bodies cannot tell the difference between ‘real’ and ‘fake’ laughter – they produce the same effects.  All you need is the commitment to participating in laughter exercise.

The Benefits of Laughter

Laughter relaxes tight muscles – that’s why you nearly fall over when you laugh!!
Laughter refreshes the stale air that can get stuck in your lungs
Laughter re-oxygenates the blood
Laughter can reduce blood pressure
Laughter boosts your immune system
Laughter is Nature’s stress re-set button
Laughter releases endorphins to make you feel FANTASTIC!!!!

My Laughter Sessions:

I have laughed with just about every group over the years: hen parties, birthdays, charities, companies, W.I.s, schools, as well as, believe it or not, individuals.  My laughter sessions have evolved as a comfortable, gentle mix of laughter exercise, movement and music…I get some great feedback and recently I laughed with the most AMAZING W.I. group who added this piece to their local Parish magazine: