Jude Robinson BA, DIP. Careers Guidance, PGCE, NLP

With 25 years of experience as a career and life coach I began my holistic journey later in life. I can genuinely say that my life has been transformed by my direct experience and training in therapies/techniques such as Reiki, Mindfulness and Meditation, NLP, hypnotherapy, the Soul Plan, laughter therapy and more.

I now wish to share my experience with YOU if you are interested in finding out how these simple, yet amazingly effective tools could transform your life.

For over 25 years I worked in education – as a youth worker, careers adviser, teacher, mentor, tutor, project manager and leader. I worked with people of all ages, all abilities mainly within schools and further education. I loved my work, met the most amazing people and gained a huge amount of satisfaction. In 2003 I won a contract with the then TDA (Teacher Training and Development Agency) to promote teaching and recruit the very best teachers across the Yorkshire and Humberside region. I enjoyed the role – once again feeling privileged to connect with talented inspirational people who I knew would make the most incredible difference to the lives of others. I was promoted to lead a team at national level which stretched me beyond my expectations and I found myself hugely stressed and yet growing as an individual in equal measures. My work became increasingly focused on technology – delivering guidance to clients and colleagues via telephone and e-mail rather than face to face. Days and years passed. I had meetings in swish offices in London and wore smart suits but there was so much process….so many targets to meet….so much paper work and figure crunching…..I still loved the client contact….but on reflection, part of me had begun to wither.

In 2009 life changed…. my lovely sister in law was diagnosed with terminal cancer; the foundation of my/our lives were shaken. Very much a left brain thinker my sister in law ‘B’ (as I called her) was a successful accountant and not remotely ‘spiritual’ or ‘airy fairy’ (an East Yorkshire term for those who believe that a spade is a spade)! So when she took up the offer of 6 weeks of Angelic Reiki delivered by a nurse therapist in York District Hospital there was no-one more surprised than ‘B’ that she experienced the most beautiful peace, light and sensations of well-being following the sessions. I was intrigued…..maybe this might work? Maybe I could train as a Reiki practitioner and support ‘B’, maybe even save her? Little did I know!!!

To cut a very long story short, I embarked on the proverbial spiritual journey and I think I can say that ‘B’ and I traveled together for some of the time before she sadly, died in 2012. I, who thought I knew everything, suddenly discovered I knew nothing. My Reiki initiation (Di Wilson) was a life changing event….when I saw the big golden cross in my mind’s eye as she drew the Reiki symbols above my head, my first reaction was ‘Bugger – I don’t believe in Jesus’!!! And that was that….for 5 years I have immersed myself in learning…..seeking meaning…..meeting incredible teachers in incredible ways (Liz Weir, Simon Parke, Joe Hoare) and making so many new friends. I subsequently immersed myself in the Enneagram, trained in: Reiki, Spiritual Healing, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming), hypnotherapy, mindfulness and meditation, laughter and lastly as a Soul Plan practitioner.

I based myself at York Natural Health and since 2012 have run my own business as a career and life coach. I also laugh a lot – running ‘natural laughter skills/laughter yoga’ workshops and one off sessions to employers, are associations, charities as well as the public. Life continues, as it does, to throw up challenges and I have to be continually aware of my personal compulsions….the compulsion to shoot so many arrows in the air that they all come down on my head; the tendency towards self righteous anger; the tendency to always say ‘yes’ and never to consider my own needs; the tendency towards self judgement – I find I can laugh at my compulsions these days, or at least smile.

I have, to date, promoted myself as an expert of ‘career counselling’ and put the ‘holistic’ aspects of my training on the back burner – concerned that I would put off potential clients and be judged as ‘whacky’ and not take me seriously. But life is too short. This is who I am – a human being…..embracing the WHOLE of my being…..mind, busy and spirit.

So I am re-launching myself as The Alternative Career Coach, Mind Body and Spirit – because, yes I have the expertise and experience to offer excellent guidance to people who want to make a difference from a career perspective – but I have so much more to offer. I now bring together years of personal experience, talents, gifts and skills and offer a space for those who feel ready to connect; to connect with me and with themselves…..people seeking, an insight into who they are, why they are here and where they are going. Using a blend of my life/people experience alongside holistic ‘tools’ I work with clients to identify the predominant issue/s arising in their life in the moment and put together a plan to work towards some kind of resolution. I don’t leave the client at the door as they say goodbye, I offer ongoing support in between appointments via a follow up e-mail highlighting the main points of our interaction and the action we have agreed.

Some have advised me to charge more for my services because my low fees indicate a lack of self belief! This is not the case. The reason for my low fees is because I know from personal experience and from the experience of those to whom I am close, that during our toughest times, perhaps through ill health or unemployment or even when children are small and money is tight – these are often the times when cash is simply not available to spend on ourselves…..we are not a priority.