There are pivotal moments in our lives when we may find ourselves a little lost along the way and wondering where we can turn; times when we find ourselves asking questions such as: Who am I? Where am I going? Why do I feel like this?  Or even times when deeper questions arise, questions around the meaning of life and our purpose.  There may, also, be times when we are feeling excited, ready to grow and embrace the next phase of life.

Wherever you find yourself a Soul Plan session will immediately and remarkably, give you insight into the patterns of your life; revealing your Challenges, Talents, Goals and Life Purpose.  I combine career and life coaching techniques with the Soul Plan and Soul Transformation Therapy.  I offer one off Soul Plan healing sessions or /and life coaching that help get to the roots of issues (conscious or, more likely, subconscious) that may be preventing you from moving forward with life.

Whether you come to see me for career and life coaching or a Soul Plan/healing session you will receive a copy of your Soul Plan.  During the initial appointment we work out which areas of life you wish to transform, identify the techniques we will use for follow up sessions and agree a plan of action.  Following each appointment I offer a summary of our discussion with action points for reflection before our next meeting.  I also offer support and encouragement via e-mail to keep you on track.

I have asked myself how a system, based on ancient numerology, can work – but it does.  I have come to the conclusion that we are at a critical point in History when ancient wisdom is re-surfacing and becoming accessible not only to the elite few but to all who are open and interested.  I know that my work and life have become enriched by the holistic tools and techniques that I have been touched by and I now wish to share these with YOU.

I offer one to one appointments – face to face at York Natural Health in Acomb, York or in Escrick (on A19 south of York) and also via Skype.  I also deliver group Soul Saturday sessions at York Natural Health in York.

A one to one session costs 45.00 for an initial 1 ½ hour consultation and 35.00 for follow up sessions (30.00 for Soul Saturday participants).  However I am passionate about sharing my work so if you cannot afford the full cost of a consultation do not be put off because I offer a number of reduced cost appointments every month.

Call me on: 01904 728342 or 075911 172786 for a free chat to discuss your situation further or/and to book an appointment.


As well as new career, a newfound sense of happiness!

I booked some life coaching sessions with Jude Robinson as I felt I was floundering and didn’t know how to progress my work-life.  I knew I needed someone to help motivate me, but I also wanted someone who would be sympathetic and accepting. Jude was just such a person: a sensitive, perceptive listener, and irrepressibly positive about what I have to offer the world.  Our discussions were wide-ranging, and after each session Jude emailed me with a written checklist of actions that we had agreed upon.  After just a couple of months I applied for two jobs that I wanted, and was offered both of them.  I came away not only with a new career direction, but also a newfound sense of happiness about my life generally

Chris Jude's Career and Life Coaching May 12, 2017

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