Welcome to my website.  As an ‘Alternative Careers Coach’ I work with the ‘whole’ YOU bringing a holistic approach to our work together.  I have supported people to make life changing career decisions for over 25 years and I know that every single one of us has unique gifts, talent and potential to bring to the world.

Over the last few years I have experienced and trained in a range of holistic tools (The Soul Plan, Mindfulness, Meditation, Laughter, Energy Healing and more) that have brought a new dimension to my life and work.  I believe that these tools (I call them tools for transformation) have become available to us at this point in history to offer us an opportunity for greater self understanding, self acceptance and growth.  Gaining an insight into ‘who’ and ‘how’ we are in the world enables us not only to see ‘where’ to make changes and begin to remove any blocks that prevent us from stepping into our true potential and enables us to see, more clearly ‘where’ we wish to go.

If my words resonate with you then I can support you, whether you are exploring career issues or not, to really take a look at the depths of your situation, to explore what you truly want from life and help you formulate a plan on how to move forward.



As well as new career, a newfound sense of happiness!

I booked some life coaching sessions with Jude Robinson as I felt I was floundering and didn’t know how to progress my work-life.  I knew I needed someone to help motivate me, but I also wanted someone who would be sympathetic and accepting. Jude was just such a person: a sensitive, perceptive listener, and irrepressibly positive about what I have to offer the world.  Our discussions were wide-ranging, and after each session Jude emailed me with a written checklist of actions that we had agreed upon.  After just a couple of months I applied for two jobs that I wanted, and was offered both of them.  I came away not only with a new career direction, but also a newfound sense of happiness about my life generally

Chris Jude's Career and Life Coaching May 12, 2017

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